EOS Nation’s Proxy Will Pay Rewards In EOSDT

October 23, 2019
EOS Nation’s Proxy Will Pay Rewards In EOSDT

EOS aficionados, take note: when you proxy your block producer vote to Proxy4Nation, you can collect part of your reward in EOSDT stablecoins!

Launched less than a month ago, Proxy4Nation is the newest proxy voting service by EOSNation. As a standby block producer on the EOS network, EOSNation is dedicated to raising EOS’s profile with efficient, reliable block production and community engagement. Proxy4Nation is part of that, working to make it easier for people to participate in the underlying operations of the EOS blockchain.

When people proxy their block producer voting rights to an entity like Proxy4Nation, they let that entity make voting decisions for them. They receive a small reward in exchange for their voting powers. Proxy4Nation pays its rewards every 24 hours — one portion arrives as EOS cryptocurrency, and now another portion is paid in EOSDT stablecoins.

If this appeals to you, then you can get started by signing up for Proxy4Nation here.

NUT holders can also choose their favorite block producers for the Equilibrium Proxy at voting.eosdt.com. New voting round starts today!

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