EOSLocally Supports EOSDT

January 13, 2020
EOSLocally Supports EOSDT

By now it should come as no surprise that we take our pursuit of partnerships that further our EOSDT stablecoin very seriously. The latest to join that lovely partner list is EOSLocally, a decentralized peer-to-peer EOS trading platform, that has made the undeniably wise decision to support EOSDT.

Already designed to support trading EOS specifically, EOSDT is the third alternative currency to enter this exchange, joining WAX and EOS-based USDT. EOSLocally’s EOSDT support happens by automatically making equivalent swaps in EOS for that EOSDT. Once the buyer and seller agree on terms, the seller transfers EOSDT to escrow.

While that might sound complicated, EOSLocally’s interface makes it a snap — you only need to select which currency you want to trade from the interface’s menu in the top-right.

Head on over to EOSLocally to get started at the latest EOSDT-compatible exchange!

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