EOSDT’s EOS Proxy Will Pay Rewards At A Stable APR

March 23, 2020
EOSDT’s EOS Proxy Will Pay Rewards At A Stable APR

Everyone loves passive income. And stable passive income is twice as good. Now we’re changing the rules for our EOS proxy so that participants can continuously get a stable reward APR of around 2.3%.

Block producers were previously committing to a fixed reward that didn’t reflect any fluctuation in the size of the proxy. The minimum reward was 7 EOS, but we’re going to set the reward to 85% of the daily payment a BP gets, thanks to our proxy.

Each EOS account has a “vote weight” representing that account’s proportion of voting power for the entire system. We’ll multiply that vote weight by the latest EOS inflation numbers to determine how much extra EOS each BP that our proxy votes for will receive. And it’ll happen every day!

In other words, the rewards will reflect the proxy size. This makes it fairer for the BPs who will pay less if the proxy size shrinks. And it’s more favorable to users as well, who get a constant and stable APR (currently 2.45%).

This move will make our proxy one that provides stable profitability to those depositing the money that makes the overall system function. There’s never been a better time to participate in Equilibrium’s EOSDT proxy!

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