EOSDT Has Been Listed On CoinMarketCap

June 19, 2019
EOSDT Has Been Listed On CoinMarketCap

Already a favorite tool for crypto traders around the world, CoinMarketCap has become even more complete with its inclusion of the EOSDT decentralized stablecoin.

CoinMarketCap is a popular website that provides people with market cap rankings, charts, and beyond. It’s well-known for tracking capitalization of various cryptocurrencies by their listing prices, available supply, trade volume within a 24-hour period, and overall market capitalization. It grants users access to historical snapshots of individual currencies, a currency conversion calculator, a developer’s API, and a calendar of crypto events around the world.

Now this functionality extends to include EOSDT and the Equilibrium framework. You can check out EOSDT’s page on the popular site right here. It will show current and historical price data, connect you with exchanges where you can trade the currency, let you add it to a watchlist of other currencies, and generally grant you access to all the functionality associated with other currencies on the site.

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