Dragon Option Teams Up With Equilibrium

August 08, 2019
Dragon Option Teams Up With Equilibrium

Equilibrium users now have a novel use case for the EOSDT stablecoin — they can use it to place bets on how the price will move for various trading pairs like EOS/BTC or EOS/ETH. They only need to open an account with Dragon Option.

Dragon Option is a decentralized app that lives at the intersection of binary options and cryptocurrency. Hailing directly from the world of conventional finance, binary options are simple yes-or-no propositions on how a price will move within a certain timeframe (usually between two and ten minutes). The person betting the option either hits the mark or doesn’t, and the resulting paying is automatically debited or credited accordingly.

This implementation of cryptocurrency technology seems to blur the line between gambling and closely following the market. Now players on this platform can use EOSDT to play instead of EOS.

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