dfuse Use Case: B2B payments with EOSDT

October 07, 2019
dfuse Use Case: B2B payments with EOSDT

Stablecoin success depends on creating as many valid use cases as possible. Our stablecoin, EOSDT, can already be used for online payments, trading strategies, EOS leveraging, risk hedging, and as an asset within the EOS REX market. We are always looking to expand its utility, and to that end, we’re pleased to announce another addition to this list: B2B payments conducted with EOSDT.

It all began when a customer was working with our partners at dfuse, the blockchain API company helping us build open-source DeFi applications on the Equilibrium framework. dfuse are strong proponents of open finance and have become the go-to blockchain data source for many of the exciting dApps in the EOS DeFi space.

At the same time that it released its pricing and enabled credit card subscription payments, dfuse let its customers pay for their subscription with EOSDT. Using the power of dfuse Workers, it automated on-chain payment recognition directly in its subscription service. The project believes that by removing middleman institutions from the equation, it has made these B2B payments much easier to track, fee-free, and instantaneous. One developer, who is both a dfuse customer and an Equilibrium user, found it more convenient to pay for their dfuse services using EOSDT to avoid slippage and over-collateralization. This transaction therefore became the first B2B payment using EOSDT.

Given the transaction’s success of the transaction, multiple dfuse users are now paying directly with EOSDT for the same reasons, laying the foundation for further payments with the stablecoin. Noting the situation, the Equilibrium team is now working on solutions to make the EOSDT transactions between businesses, merchants, and customers easier and more seamless.

We are also working on increasing liquidity for our exchange listings. EOSDT trading volume is growing quickly on HitBTC, one of the most popular high-liquidity exchanges. Its low fee policy goes hand-in-hand with our own implementation. The Equilibrium team is always looking for ways to make transactions cheaper and easier for EOSDT holders.

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