Delta Adds Tracking Functionality For EOSDT and NUT

July 12, 2019
Delta Adds Tracking Functionality For EOSDT and NUT

Our core currencies, EOSDT and NUT, are now trackable in real time on the Delta crypto portfolio app.

Delta is a versatile tracking app for crypto traders. It offers portfolio functionality, news stories, and market-tracking features across devices. It’s been installed more than 1.3 million times across desktop and mobile, making it a choice tool for users who want to monitor more than 6,000 other coins across 260 different exchanges.

Delta uses API links to synchronize investment portfolios in real time with wallets and exchanges and it aggregates its crypto news from seven different news partners. It’s versatile to say the least. Now Delta users can use the app’s same functionality, whether on mobile or desktop, to keep tabs on EOSDT and NUT.

As EOSDT continues to grow in prevalence within the EOS community, we’re pleased to see it gain valuable integrations like this one.

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