Come Visit Equilibrium In South Korea

July 03, 2019
Come Visit Equilibrium In South Korea

Equilibrium’s head of business development Adar Weinreb will join an illustrious lineup of speakers at Tech Meet-Up Day, a blockchain event in Seoul, South Korea on July 11.

Presenting a speech called “Innovating On Stablecoins With EOSDT,” Adar will appear alongside a panel of other speakers addressing DApp and decentralization topics. The event will include representatives from RocketBC, devEOS, ITAM Games, and more. There will be two panel discussions, first covering the topics of blockchain governance and proxy, then, covering the future of cryptocurrency. Networking will follow after that.

If you’re in town and want to connect with Equilibrium and the rest of the local EOS community, take the metro to Seolleung Station on July 11th. The event will start at 7 PM, so come say hello.

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