Check Out Equilibrium’s DSP Node!

March 02, 2020
Check Out Equilibrium’s DSP Node!

The infrastructure supporting dApps has come a long way since its complicated beginning. The blockchain ecosystem has grown significantly, and we are in the earliest stages of seeing decentralized principles go mainstream.

As this ecosystem matures, Equilibrium is proud to become a DAPP Service Provider (DSP) on the DAPP Network. The DAPP Network is a middleware layer designed to function on top of multiple smart contract chains including EOS, Wax, Ethereum and more. Developers need DSPs because they provide communication, storage, and utility services that simplify dApp development and enhance a project’s scalability. DSPs play a vital role in maintaining security and decentralization for all middleware built on the DAPP Network.

Any EOS full node can become a DSP, but this doesn’t mean that all DSP nodes perform the same. Our DSP node, for example. offers more storage capacity than other DSPs — it consists of eight servers, 64 cores, and 1,024 GB of RAM. In other words, we offer a high-performance node that meets and exceeds the minimum requirements for running a full EOS node. This means developers can rely on our DSP node at all times, helping dApps work effectively as more users access them.

We run two DAPP Network services on our DSP node: LiquidOracles and LiquidScheduler,

LiquidOracles optimizes data security on the blockchain by storing service-level agreements on-chain. It also protects dApp data feeds from security risks like hacking attacks.

LiquidScheduler is an automation tool for dApp developers looking to reduce network costs and increase dApp efficiency. It is easy to run tasks and timers, or even schedule automatic updates that use other DAPP Network middleware.

Want to make use of our DSP node?

If you’re a developer interested in using Equilibrium’s EOSDT DSP node, make sure to check out the DSP page on our website or send us an email with your inquiry. We do plan to expand to other LiquidApps middleware down the road, and developers will be able to use our DSP node for even further enhanced dApp functionality.

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