Changes In Equilibrium Stablecoin Fee

May 19, 2020
Changes In Equilibrium Stablecoin Fee

Starting today Equilibrium’s stablecoin fee is 1.8%. Last week we accepted the governance proposal, that is marking a big step in the evolution of our decentralized governance process.

Over the past year, we have collected and analyzed multiple framework parameters to deepen our understanding and modeling of the system. One of them is related to EOSDT’s peg — which is especially important as we prepare for the upcoming EOSDT listings on major exchanges and corresponding liquidity flows.

Stemming from the data we’ve gathered on HitBTC markets, our major source of liquidity, we estimated that EOSDT’s median absolute deviation from the peg has amounted up to 0.3 cents.

This deviation could be attributed to market makers and their inventory management. Opening new markets will increase liquidity and EOSDT trading volumes alike, scaling up the current system and its specifics. This means our mandate is to defend the peg. That’s why we came up with the proposal to raise the fee.

This proposal was approved. Equilibrium’s stablecoin fee was raised today, Tuesday, May 19.

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