Block Producers Voting Results And The Next Steps

July 10, 2019
Block Producers Voting Results And The Next Steps

Equilibrium’s online block producer voting is now finished. Here’s the list of 30 winners that will be put into the Equilibrium Proxy.

Congratulations to all the winners, and our sincere thanks to every voter who participated!

Some voting statistics

More than 3,800 people took part in voting for 200 block producers from all around the world. Most voters were from Ukraine (14,7%), Canada (13%), and USA (9.7%).

The frontrunners were changing every day. One day we had large EOS stakeholders like EOS Authority, EOS New York, and EOS Nations in the top three. Another day we had lesser-known (but still promising) leading the pack.

We appreciate all the contributions from block producers who shared our posts about voting, asking for community support, and joining our Telegram channel to discuss the voting process and results. This reflects strong community engagement over the course of the EOS blockchain’s evolution, as well as its high demand for REX functionality.

What’s next?

Equilibrium Proxy is already live and all these 30 BPs successfully added to it.

We expect to complete all the final on-chain voting algorithm by the end of Q3 2019. By this time, all of Equilibrium’s 2.5 million EOS will eventually be staked to the proxy. When all the processes are complete, NUT holders will have the ability to periodically re-elect the list of BPs for REX proxy voting.

Read more about the Equilibrium Proxy and how it delivers profitability to Equilibrium collateral holders here.

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