Become an Equilibrium Ambassador V2

November 11, 2020
Become an Equilibrium Ambassador V2

Equilibrium ambassadors are those who spread the word about Equilibrium and create content like memes, GIFs or twees about our project, and we like to reward that kind of thoughtful engagement with our brand.

We had such a blast with our first round of Equilibrium ambassadors that we’re doing it again, this time with $10,000 in NUT tokens up for grabs.

❗️We will announce dates soon❗️

To get involved, just create tweets, funny memes, GIFs, or constructive comments on Twitter that helps educate people about Equilibrium. You’ll probably want to use some of the images located here to help you in your creative process!

How do I become an Equilibrium ambassador?

  1. Join Equilibrium’s official Telegram channel and our dedicated channel just for ambassadors.
  2. Follow us on Twitter at our Equilibrium page and our EOSDT page.
  3. Fill out the ambassador program registration form:
  4. An admin will verify you and add you to the list of ambassadors.
  5. Then create and share the content of your choice! Submit links to what you create using this form:
  6. Wait for us to see it, then collect your rewards!

Participating on Twitter

First make sure you meet the following requirements:

  1. Your Twitter account is at least two months old.
  2. You’ve tweeted or retweeted crypto content at least three times.
  3. The tweets should be made during the time of the contest, not before.
  4. Your Twitter bio is crypto-oriented.
  5. You mostly tweet in English.
  6. You need to have at least 300 followers for posting initial tweets and at least 50 followers for posting comments.

The following chart breaks down the NUT reward structure for how you can be paid for tweeting about Equilibrium:

Content creation

We have a content template you can use to make this easier. It will be updated during the week.

About your rewards

To receive your rewards, submit your EOS address for receiving NUT here (required only for new Ambassadors):

You can check the current NUT price here:


  1. Only positive, Equilibrium & EOSDT related content will be rewarded.
  2. No multi accounts are allowed to take part in the program. If you are suspected as a multi account, you will be automatically banned and won’t be rewarded.
  3. No inappropriate content.
  4. Awarding rewards is solely at Equilibrium’s discretion.
  5. Users who don’t follow our Twitter accounts/join the telegram group are not able to be rewarded.
  6. We reserve the right to use all submitted works in future for Equilibrium’s promotional activities.
  7. To become an Equilibrium ambassador you should fill out the registration form.
  8. Only English content is eligible.
  9. We reserve the right to close the program at any time.

How will the work be organized among Ambassadors?

  1. We will divide all Ambassadors into small teams based on time zones
  2. Every team will be provided with a mentor
  3. We will provide each team with a unique spreadsheet with tasks and key messages to spread
  4. Every team will have a definite time gap for sharing about us for rewards
  5. Ambassadors, who will try and do the job well, will be considered as Coordinating team members and will get the chance to work after program’s ending

Some tips to create great content

In what follows, let’s review the low down on Equilibrium to give you an overview and inspiration for content that you can dive into more deeply when you start to create.

Equilibrium is the first decentralized cross-chain money market that combines pooled lending with synthetic asset generation and trading. Equilibrium is set to open up the vast potential of the DeFi market and become its #1 app by offering exceptional services to the users of previously isolated major crypto assets.

After having established the premier decentralized stablecoin ​and the lending project on EOS by collateralization, Equilibrium will use Polkadot’s technology to enable the full potential of the DeFi market by vastly expanding our scope.

In connection with this, we introduced our new cross-chain utility token, EQ token. Some of the functions of the new token are the same as for NUT, they include use for: accessing liquidated collateral, earning staking rewards, paying commissions to use our products. However, a number of them are new, notably: voting for validators, paying transaction fees, and use for bailouts. The most exciting innovation is that EQ tokens will be usable on any protocol connected with Polkadot!

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