Become an Equilibrium Ambassador V2

November 11, 2020
Become an Equilibrium Ambassador V2

Equilibrium ambassadors spread the word about our project by sharing our posts and creating content like memes, GIFs, or tweets. We like to reward that kind of thoughtful engagement with our brand, so we’re putting $10,000 in NUT tokens up for grabs for those who participate.

To receive the rewards, you need an EOS address for NUT tokens. NUT is available right now at HitBTC, Newdex, Bancor, Changelly, and You can check the current price here:

❗️There will be several stages to our ambassador program, each with interesting tasks:

The first stage IS CLOSED!

The second stage: starts on February 9

Goal: share the latest announcements from our project
Details are coming soon!

We have prepared a variety of interesting team-based activities for you! We will divide all ambassadors into 5 teams, and each team will have its own mentor for answering your questions and tracking your deliverables.

How do I join the second stage of the ambassador program?

  1. If you are a fresh newbie, you need to complete the glim and google registration forms. Then you will be added to your ambassador team on Telegram.
  2. Everyone who already registered will receive an invitation to their ambassador group.


Only those who meet the following requirements will be able to take part in the second stage of our Ambassador Program V2.


  • Your Twitter account is at least two months old.
  • You’ve posted or reposted crypto content at least three times.
  • Your account’s bio section is crypto-oriented and doesn’t contain “airdrop” related words.
  • You mostly post content in English.
  • You have at least 50 followers.

With that in place, it’s time to create comments about Equilibrium and include key messages that we provide you. Each comment will bring you $0.3 in NUT, and one person may post 15 comments per day. Rewards for this content will be distributed every other Tuesday.


There are more money-making opportunities for you starting Feb 9, 2021:

🔵 Weekly competition

The best comment: the comment that gets the most likes will win. Rewards will go out each week.

Prize pool: $10 (in NUT tokens)

🔵 Bi-weekly competition

The best meme/GIF/infographic on a specific topic:

Participants can submit two works per two weeks around the topic “How does it feel to have every DeFi need covered in one place?”

Submit your work here.

Prize pool: $15 (in NUT tokens)

🔵 Monthly competitions

The most active team:

A team that submits the most comments will be the winner. The mentor will be rewarded.

Prize pool: $50 (in NUT tokens)

The most active ambassador:

The ambassador who submitted the most comments (maximum 10 comments per day) will be rewarded at the end of the month.

Prize pool: $50 (in NUT tokens)

*In case there are several winners in one nomination, the prize pool will be shared between them.

General rules

  • No inappropriate content.
  • Rewards are distributed solely at Equilibrium’s discretion. It is possible that you may receive a lower reward than you expected, or no reward at all.
  • Only English content is eligible!
  • No multi-accounts.
  • We reserve the right to close the Ambassador Program V2 at any time.

About your rewards

After your work is checked, we’ll send your rewards to the address you used in claiming your coupons.

The current $NUT price can be seen here:

The Equilibrium Ambassador Program is a great opportunity for you to create a positive impact for our community. Join us to spread the word about Equilibrium while making a name for yourself as a strong content creator, and earn some NUT in the process!

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