Announcing Our New Validator, Huobi Pool

August 20, 2021
Announcing Our New Validator, Huobi Pool

Equilibrium already has several well-known and established validators, like Ryabina, Staking4all, Crypto Chain, Pinknode and Discsoft. But now we’re adding one more to the fold, and it’s a big one: Huobi Pool will throw its support behind Equilibrium and Genshiro to make block validation in our networks even more unbiased and reliable.

Huobi is a leading crypto company that manages billions of dollars of crypto transactions every day. Its mining pool platform is called Huobi Pool, and its geographically dispersed data centers and interconnected servers run on a private network. It’s been in operation since 2018.

Validators verify that the information contained in an assigned set of parachain blocks is valid (such as the identities of the transacting parties and the subject matter of the contract). Our partnership with Huobi Pool will yield enhanced reliability in our interoperable money market services, as well as increased support for our proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

Huobi Pool only acts as a validator for major projects in this space, like Aave and Polkadot. For Equilibrium to be selected here is an incredible show of support for our project. The future is bright and we’re glad to have Huobi Pool along for the ride with us!

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