Announcing An Integration With imToken

October 15, 2019
Announcing An Integration With imToken

We are pleased to announce that popular crypto wallet imToken has completed a major integration with the Equilibrium framework.

Not only has imToken added support for NUT and EOSDT on its wallet software, but the company has brought the Equilibrium widget into imToken DApp environment as well. This effectively lets you manage the entire lifecycle of your EOSDT position from within the imToken ecosystem, trading to acquire digital assets and over-collateralizing them into EOS-based stablecoins.

Founded in May 2016, imToken seeks to build and secure and trustless crypto world by bridging the gap between blockchain technology and the general public. It began with the first version of their wallet software, and this effort has lately included consideration of its own decentralized exchange. Overall, imToken endeavors to be a simple, secure, and powerful tool for managing digital assets, and continues to do so every day — imToken’s wallet software was most recently updated to version 2.4.9 in early October.

This is an exciting integration because imToken is helping us fulfill a bigger picture about blockchain technology. By making our framework more usable, it becomes more likely that blockchain technology sticks and begins to seamlessly integrate with life.

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