And Now The Winners Of Our Sixth On-Chain Voting Round

October 13, 2019
And Now The Winners Of Our Sixth On-Chain Voting Round

We’re pleased to announce the results of our sixth and most-recent on-chain voting round. With 5.8 million EOS worth some $18.7 million USD up for grabs to stake block producers, we’re pleased to have the EOS community’s attention. So please say hello to the ten newest winners for the Equilibrium Proxy:

EOS Blocksmith
EOS Asia
EOS Cafe Block
EOS Cannon
EOS NodeOne
Newdex BP

Our sincere congratulations to the winners, and a special thank you to all who cast a vote with NUT tokens in order to make this process work. The block producers named above have already received their portion of Equilbrium’s collateral as stake.

The next round of voting is already underway at, and the new winners will be revealed on October 23. If you want to vote for certain block producers in the EOS ecosystem to be staked with Equilibrium collateral, just stake NUT tokens with your five favorite BPs. You’ll get them back at the end of each ten-day voting round.

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