Anchor Wallet by Greymass Adds EOSDT and NUT

June 25, 2020
Anchor Wallet by Greymass Adds EOSDT and NUT

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Anchor, an EOSIO wallet and authenticator. Anchor is now available for use with EOSDT and NUT. The wallet has been developed by Greymass. As you will recall from our earlier posts, Greymass is renowned for their podcasts, in which our CEO Alex Melikhov has been featured.

Essentially, Anchor enables the same features that EOS-voter has, but also adds the wallet functionality and a more user-friendly interface and operations. The wallet is account centric and focused on user needs, so when you open it, the first thing you see is an overview of your personal account. It enables a multichain approach. Another difference is that now, instead of having everything bundled in one place, you can decide which other EOS applications you want to use. Applications have external access and can make requests to your wallet, and you decide which you use. The system’s functionality has been inspired by Scatter, with notable differences in the approach to security and the UX. Trust and security are guaranteed even with access to external applications. Anchor also offers another added benefit: Users automatically get access to Greymass Fuel — just by using Anchor as their wallet, they gain limited free transactions on EOS.

Equilibrium has integrated Greymass’ Anchor wallet to our website, and users can easily find it there

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