AMA Session With Alex Melikhov

April 21, 2020
AMA Session With Alex Melikhov

In the latest episode of Equilibrium’s charity podcast “AMAHeat Sessions,” the guest behind the mic is our own CEO, Alex Melikhov.

In an hour-long conversation with our host Kyle Ellicott, Alex talked about his background and answered questions from the audience. He covered everything from the vision behind EOSDT to a sneak peek into Eqilibrium’s plans for the future.

The award for best question went to Yves La Rose, who asked where the passion for Equilibrium creation and development came from.

Yves chose to donate his reward to the TokenPocket, which encourages people to wear masks in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and spreads awareness through generating weared-mask avatars for social media. We doubled his EOSDT donation and we’re inviting you to join us in supporting this effort.

More highlights from the AMA:

On using the EOS blockhain:
“EOS was quite an easy choice, because at that time it was really exploding in terms of the number of active users and user teams that were working on different projects. We decided to play this game and start building the first models of Equilibrium on EOS. We don’t regret it, because from my perspective EOS is definitely one of the best ecosystems for dApp development.”

On Equilibrium APR:
“You’re actually getting -1.7% APR, because Equilibrium currently lets users stake their EOS and get block producer rewards. If you’re staking EOS into the system, you’re getting passive income. This anticipated passive income is currently 2.4% (this was coming from producers), and on top of that you’re getting a reward which is around 0.3% a year. Eventually it’s around 2.7%, minus 1% that you are paying for your staked EOSDT.”

On Equilibrium’s 2020 milestones:
“First we’ll update the web interface. Secondly, we’ll be launching support for Bitcoin collateral. Another thing that I’m really looking forward to is the savings pool. It’s where users could deposit their EOSDT and get some interest on their holdings. There is also a very exciting announcement coming up within the next six months regarding cross-training interoperability for the Equilibrium ecosystem.”

On the coronavirus’s impact on the stablecoin market:
“The Equilibrium team is distributed around the globe, and we have multiple team members across the US, the UK and China, so it’s nothing new to us from an operational perspective. We are actually staying at the same point we were staying at before the pandemic. In terms of business, for sure, the global market downturn affected almost all industries including crypto. We see that users are pulling out their assets from centralized exchanges and preferring to keep their assets on their wallet.”

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