Acueos Adds Support For EOSDT

October 24, 2019
Acueos Adds Support For EOSDT

EOSDT continues to gain relevance and notoriety among EOS-based services!

Acueos is a decentralized money market protocol for crypto borrowers and lenders on the EOS blockchain looking for automated floating interest rates based on supply and demand. Acueos users can supply assets to the protocol and earn interest without having to wait for a specific counterparty. They can also leverage their existing portfolio as collateral to instantly borrow other assets for things like financing new investments, trading, or shorting.

Simply put, this platform is a tool for turning some amount of digital assets into more digital assets. Now it supports our EOSDT stablecoin!

EOSDT is the platform’s first supported addition since its launched on the mainnet on October 9. This means that Acueos users can supply EOSDT to the platform and earn interest, they can use EOSDT as collateral to borrow other assets, or they can borrow EOSDT using supported assets as collateral.

This all happens through Acueos’s dApp, or developers can make it happen through the platform’s API. In simplest terms, this integration makes our core asset more widely available and usable. If you want to get started using Acueos, you only need to visit their website to get up and running.

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