2.6 Million USD Already Locked In The NUT/EQ Token Swap

September 03, 2020
2.6 Million USD Already Locked In The NUT/EQ Token Swap

Token swap is going at record speed

As you know, the NUT: EQ swap began on August 31. We are pleased to report that, after only 4 days, we got 2.6M USD worth NUT with over 36% of the total token allocation foreseen for the swap already being filled. It looks likely that the total allocation will be filled before the swap formally ends on September 29th.

Be quick!

Of course, you want both to complete the swap and also to get the maximum bonus available! To get the full 33% bonus and exchange rate of 1 NUT: 100 EQ, you still have 1 day left, until the end of the day on September 4th. After that, if EQ allocation lasts, you can get a rate of 1 NUT: 75 EQ.

Large volume swaps

Users swapping > 5,000 NUT will receive an additional bonus on special terms. In order to receive the exceptional rate for this, go to our token swap info site, and click on “swapping over 5,000 NUT? Get a special rate” or join our Telegram group and ask the admin about details.

EQ tokens add value for all of DeFi

The new EQ token represents a groundbreaking project to open the vast remaining potential of the DeFi market beyond Ethereum by enabling interoperable money markets and cross-chain liquidity. As such, we expect that the token will represent considerable, increasing added value for DeFi as a whole as our project continues to be rolled-out and developed.

Major utilities

EQ tokens offer the following major utilities:

  • LIquidity mining: This is the driver behind the current boom in the DeFi market, with a growth rate of 650%!
  • Transaction and Product fees — Users pay transaction fees and product fees in EQ tokens on the Equilibrium blockchain.
  • Staking and Governance — EQ holders will receive rewards coming from token inflation on EQ tokens staked to Equilibrium’s governance when Equilibrium migrates to NPoS consensus according to its roadmap to decentralization. Projected inflation will be around 2.5% a year.
  • Bail liquidity provisioning — Liquidity providers can earn yield in EQ tokens on securing loans in the system by locking assets including EQ tokens in Equilibrium’s liquidity pool.

Compared to NUT, the EQ token brings additional value since it will be usable on all major blockchains and enable maximum liquidity across multiple chains and digital assets.

Disclaimer: No part of this article is intended nor should be considered as an investment recommendation.

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